How you communicate is just as important as what you say.

For example, two wineries attend a trade/consumer tasting. Winery A distributes it's promotional materials by handing out brochures. Winery B hands out brochures, but also gives out a DVD which includes a new releases tasting guide, a photo gallery of the winery, a video describing it's history, and an internet link to a live chat with the winemaker.

Using different types of media does two things. It presents your winery as traditional, yet forward-thinking and it helps you reach a variety of consumers by allowing them to choose the format they prefer.

Our experience producing both traditional media, such as print and television, and new media like DVDs, interactive and the Internet, enables us to customize your message so that it reaches the audience you want in ways that they want.

Making wine is a hi-tech operation. Marketing wine should be as well.